Do you want to add more links to your Instagram? Since Instagram only allows one link to your profile bio it can be difficult to showcase multiple different offers. So how do you get around this? 


Linktree is a free application that allows you to add multiple links to one landing page for people to choose from. Linktree then gives you a custom URL for you to add to your Instagram bio. 


Leadpages is a great landing page software that you can use as part of your sales funnel strategy. But, you can also use it for a quick custom landing page similar to Linktree. The benefit of this over Linktree is that you can customize it completely to your brand and add as many links as you like. Leadpages is a paid program though, so if you aren’t already using landing pages in your marketing Linktree might be the better option. 

Link in Bio 

If you use Later for your Instagram Content Planning you can use they’re built-in tool called This creates a shoppable Instagram feed for your users to look through. This is a great option for e-commerce since you can add a different link for each photo you post. 

So, those are the 3 different options that I recommend. Depending on your business and your budget one option may work better than the other. So i would love to know, which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. 

Now, there is another secret way to share more links on Instagram – IGTV! Did you know that when you post an IGTV video you can add clickable links right in the description! This is a big deal for Instagram and something that alot of people don’t take advantage of. 

Since Instagram loves video, creating IGTV videos that help your audience overcome their problems will help your profile get more attention, increase your engagement and if you add a clickable link to that video, it will allow you to drive more traffic to your offers.

Did you know about this little hack? Let me know in the comments below.