How are you supposed to come up with new content ideas week after week for your YouTube channel? Well, it’s a lot easier than you may think. In fact, in this article, I am going to share with you my 7 favourite ways to generate content ideas. 

Using these 7 strategies you will be able to generate months worth of content ideas in a matter of hours. So, let’s get started.

Brainstorming Sessions

The first way to get started is with a brainstorming session. Set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes and write down every content idea that comes to mind. Don’t overthink it, just let the ideas flow. You can pick out the good ones later. 

If you are looking for a way to organize your content ideas, make sure to download my content spreadsheet below. This spreadsheet will help you organize the different strategies we are going to talk about today to help make your content creation process easier.  

Now that you have a brainstorming list, it’s time to move on to strategy #2. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask yourself – What is my audience looking for? What frequently asked questions do I get? What are my ideal client’s problems and goals and how can I help them solve those problems and reach those goals with my content? 

By asking yourself these questions and spending some time thinking about them you will be able to add some more ideas to the list. You can definitely set a timer for this one too, to make sure you don’t waste too much time on this one. 

Ask your Audience

This one is pretty simple, just ask them what they want to see from you. What they are struggling with. Jump on Instagram stories, put up a poll in your Facebook group, ask your YouTube community and see what they have to say.

Look to Facebook groups 

To take it a step further you can find different Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out and ask inside there what they need help with. 

Repurpose old content 

If you have been around my content for a while you know what a big fan I am of this strategy. If you already have YouTube content created you can look to see which videos are performing the best and repurpose those. Could you update the content, or go deeper on a couple of points in that video?

Also, make sure you are repurposing other content that you already have like blog posts, Facebook lives, IGTV’s etc. 

Look to YouTube 

Look at your recommended page on YouTube and to other competitors. What is being recommended to you? What are others in your niche doing? Could you create a similar video using your own strategies and ideas?

Make sure you are not copying their videos or stealing their information, this is just a way to spark more ideas. 

Utilize Pinterest & Google

Finally, the last one is to utilize Pinterest and Google. These are both search engines just like YouTube, which means people are constantly searching for answers on them. If you go to both platforms and start typing something in, they will start to auto-populate ideas for you. 

These ideas are highly searched and could make great video content ideas. 

Pinterest takes this even further with its search bar by giving you even more ideas to narrow down your ideas even further.

Now I would love to know – which of these strategies were your favourite?

Also, don’t forget to download the content idea spreadsheet above so you can start organizing your content ideas today.