Should I use Facebook Creator Studio to schedule my Facebook & Instagram posts?

This is a question I get asked all the time from my community. In this blog post, I am walking you through the Facebook Creator Studio platform and showing you why I use it to schedule mine and my client’s content. 

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Why should you consider using Facebook Creator Studio?

Well, first off – it’s free. Which is a pretty big plus in my books. Also, if you are managing many different accounts you can have them all linked in one Facebook Creator Studio account which makes switching between accounts super simple. 

Next, Facebook created this platform to help you create and post content easily, so in my books, if they created something to help you on their platform that could mean that they give you a couple of extra bonus points for using it over another third-party app. 

Now, this is not proven because no one 100% knows how the algorithms work in these cases but that’s just my own opinion. To check out the full video walkthrough of the platform, make sure you click on the video above to watch it on YouTube. 

Now, Facebook creator studio only manages Instagram and Facebook, so if you need to manage other social platforms you will need to use another tool as well, so keep that in mind. 

Also, there is a new feature in creator studio that is in beta right now, but it will be letting you preview your Instagram feed before posting which is a HUGE update – this means that you could replace apps like Planoly or Later with this free tool. 

Now you all know that I am a big fan of later, but because I post a lot of video content, I need to use Creator studio to schedule things like IGTV and videos to my Facebook page. I can’t use later easily to do those kinds of posts. So, the ability to preview my Instagram feed right in the creator studio app and schedule video content easily is a game-changer.

Now I would love to know what you think? Will you be trying out Facebook creator studio? Let me know in the comments below.