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The Complete Wandermint Video Framework
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We want to make sure you have a solid foundation so you can build a successful and profitable business. We start by working on your messaging, your offers, value ladder and more…


Once you have a foundational strategy in place, it’s time to create converting content. This means researching for what your audience is looking for and then creating video content that will solve their pains and problems.


Now it’s time to put your content on autopilot and let it do the heavy lifting. We will repurpose your video content across your social media channels and create a 24/7 sales machine on YouTube.

Why Choose Wandermint Creative?

At Wandermint Creative I am able to provide you solutions that will help you gain Clarity, Focus, Energy, and Productivity. 

I know what it is like to feel like you are spinning your wheels and never getting anywhere in your business. It wasn’t until I took the time and invested in my business that I was able to make progress and reach my goals. 

Each business is unique, and because of that, I don’t provide a cookie-cutter experience. After your strategy call with me, I will create a custom proposal for you based on your goals, budget, and business. 

I am confident that after this strategy you will gain the following benefits:


You will have complete clarity for your business, as it relates to the components you shared with me during our call. You will know what the right next steps are to help you reach your goals.


You will know what components you have and what you need and can easily determine if you want to build it yourself, outsource it to others, or engage me to do it for you.


Lack of clarity drains energy. You won’t waste time and money trying to investigate all the components yourself and trying to figure out how to integrate them.


Clarity, focus, and energy create an atmosphere of productivity. You will know exactly what to focus your efforts on.

“It’s not just about VIDEO. It’s about a COMPLETE MARKETING STRATEGY!”

All aspects of your marketing should work together to create a cohesive strategy. At Wandermint Creative I specialize in creating a customized video marketing strategy that helps you reach your business goals. This is what I call the WANDERMINT VIDEO MARKETING FRAMEWORK!

It’s not enough to just have a beautiful video, you need to have a strategy behind it that will incorporate search (SEO), Social Media, Branding & Lead Generation. Now every business is different, so I invite you to jump on a quick strategy call with me to see what option might be best for you.

Messaging & Ideal Client

We walk you through exercises that help you simplify your messaging and attract your Ideal Client. From there we develop all video ideas and scripts for you. You’ll never have to feel frustrated again trying to think of content to attract your ideal client and position yourself as an authority.

Video Creation

We then come to you for three to five days every six months for filming and create video with your personalized messaging and strategy in mind.

Content Repurposing

We multiply the attention of your content by repurposing each video into multiple pieces of content: YouTube videos, mini videos, teasers, text based posts, Instagram stories, and more.

Strategy & Branding

We create the entire strategy for your content, update your existing branding to make sure there is consistency, create a complete search engine optimization strategy (SEO), create converting lead magnets, and connect all across all your platforms – all you do is collaborate and approve.

Content Creation

All written content is provided by us to maintain your personalized message. All we need from you is final approval.

Consistent Reporting

We will provide you with consistent metrics so you know exactly how your videos are performing. We also have frequent check-in calls to make sure you are on the right track to success.

Cost of NOT following a Strategy…

Wasted Time

The online world moves fast. You don’t have time to waste on countless tactics.

Lost Leads

Think about all those potential customers you are missing out on by not getting your product/service in front of as many people as possible.

Peace of Mind

Stress is not healthy for you, or your business. By constantly worrying about content and lead generation you are doing yourself a disservice.

Lost Revenue

Time is money, not to mention the money you will waste on the wrong software, team members, tech, etc by not having an effective strategy in place.

How to Get Started…

Book a Free Strategy Call

In this 30 min phone call I will learn more about you, your business and your goals. Please make sure to fill out all the questions when applying for the call.  


Get a Customized Strategy

After our phone call I will be able to determine the best strategy for you based on your goals and price point. 

Execute Yourself or Hire Me

Once you have your customized strategy in hand, you will be able to determine if you would like to execute it yourself or hire me to do it for you.


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