If your hustling 24/7, cranking out endless content but still not bringing in leads to your business — it's time to chat.

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I see you… trying every tactic under the sun to get new clients like:

  • Literally stalking people in Facebook Groups
  • Trying IG follow-for-follow
  • Saving those trending sounds
  • *Insert new hack here*

But, the reality is that those are wasting your time and your mental clarity.

To bring in consistent leads you need to create consistent converting content that funnels your ideal audience into your offers. 

It’s time to put a proven holistic system to work in your business and let YouTube do the heavy lifting.

(aka – fuel your business with your best-fit leads on autopilot.)

Let’s get you ready to…

  • Have a rinse & repeat process in place for your business to consistently crank out converting video content.

  • Spend less time IN THE WEEDS of your business and more time in your ZONE OF GENIUS

  • Be found organically through YouTube search, bringing you in organic leads 24/7/365 (Say goodbye to expensive ads, sorry Facebook)

  • Be seen as an authority in your niche and make a bigger impact on your audience. 

Let’s get your YouTube Lead Engine up and running so you can cut through the noisy online world and hear that (cha-ching) while sipping that well-deserved glass of pinot.

Here’s the tea…

It’s *NOT* Just About Creating More Videos or a few beautiful videos. It’s About Creating An Entire YouTube Lead Flow Strategy.

We do things differently. We show you how to combine the power of YouTube search with converting videos that lead your viewers to your offers and funnels automatically.

Option 1:


Learn my 3-phase – YouTube Lead Flow Formula to build an organic lead engine in your business.

Think – building little lead engines that fuel your business with best-fit leads (even while you aren’t working)

This step-by-step live coaching program will help you put all the pieces together. If you are ready to…

✔️ Have a rinse & repeat system for video production in your business

✔️ Have your YouTube Lead Engine up and running in 6 weeks.

✔️ Have plug & play templates to work through

✔️ Weekly Coaching calls, Voxer Access and Accountability along the way

Then VMA is perfect for you.

Investment = $1997








Option 2:


If you don’t want to DIY through my group coaching programs but you aren’t quite ready to hire my agency to do it for you – the VIP day is the perfect fit for you. 

You get customized 1:1 time with me to work through your strategy along with done-for-you elements to get the ball rolling.

✔️ 3 hours of 1:1 strategy time on Zoom (or in person if you want to party)

✔️ Customzied Step-by-step Strategy Outline

✔️ Step by Step Implementation Guide to execute with personalized videos

✔️ 30 Days of Voxer Access to me

✔️ Lifetime Access to the YouTube Lead Flow Formula Course Portal

Investment = $2997














Option 3:


YouTube is already a part of your marketing strategy (or you want it to be) but you just don’t have the time to implement the strategy properly or create the content yourself. This is the perfect solution for you. 

Imagine having your entire month’s content creation process created & done for you, all you have to do is hit record.

✔️ Complete YouTube Strategy & Optimization

✔️ Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research

✔️ Monthly Script Outlines & Video Plans

✔️ Monthly Edited YouTube Videos

✔️ YouTube Management & Content Publishing

Option 4:


Sometimes you just need those extra sets of eyes on your work to know you’re on the right track. Think business bestie, with a little more oomph. 

The lead lab is your place to put your scientist coat on and tweak your YouTube lead engine. I am all about progress over perfection, but once you have your channel up and your producing regular videos we want to get 1% better with every upload. 

The lab is where that happens.

✔️ Monthly Customized Audits of your work

✔️ Monthly Accountability partner hours

✔️ Monthly Group Office hours

✔️ Monthly YouTube Trend Report

Investment = $97/month or $777/yr








Here’s the thing. 

You could continue to watch my YouTube videos and Google hack your way to some YouTube success, but in my years of experience I have found without a strategy, most entrepreneurs give up on their dreams of YouTube stardom. 


You can take the shortcut.

With the team here at Wandermint Creative and get a strategy in place FAST.  I can’t wait to see what we come up with together.


Join Video Marketing Accelerator

Learn my 3 phase – YouTube Lead Flow Formula to build an organic lead engine in your business.

Join YouTube Lead Lab

 Put your scientist coat on and tweak your YouTube lead engine with the help of a YouTube coach in your back pocket. 

Book your VIP Day

Customized 1:1 time with me to work through your strategy along with done for you elements to get the ball rolling on your YouTube channel. 

The YouTube Agency

Complete YouTube management. From strategy to editing and publishing we can take care of your entire YouTube strategy.

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