If this year has taught us anything it’s definitely how important online sales are to your business. When places of business get shut down, the online world is still thriving so you want to make sure you have an online strategy to fit your business.

Increase online sales with YouTube!

Now how can you make this whole online sales business work? Well, that’s where the power of YouTube comes into play. To get started with creating your YouTube channel make sure to download my channel checklist below and watch this video here.

YouTube is a search engine. It is owned by Google which is the largest search engine in the world.

This makes YouTube the second largest. Now, why is this important? Well, when you have a problem that you are looking to solve where is the first place that you go?

Most likely you said google right. People use Google to look for solutions to their problems, to find new products, to be entertained and much more.

It is essentially the hub of the internet. Think about it: how many times a day do you look something up on Google.

What would happen if your business showed up in the search results for the question or phrase that was being asked?

It would mean hundreds of new eyeballs on your content every single day!

Now you might be thinking – ok, great, but why does it have to be YouTube? Why can’t I just work on my SEO and website to do this?

Well, the power of YouTube is the content itself. The ability to create video content that warms up your audience by letting them see you and hear you. This gives them the opportunity to trust you which will more likely make them want to work with you or buy from you.

Let’s go through an example of how this might work together. Let’s say you have a plumbing company. You know that your customers are always having trouble with their furnaces in the winter so you created a video on how to do regular maintenance on your furnace.

These are the search results you could get.

Video Title: how to do regular maintenance on your furnace and decrease problems

Searched 484k per month.

Now, what if your video was able to capture 3% of that audience.

That would mean 14,520 people seeing your content and branding. Even if only 1% of that audience converted and subscribed to your channel that’s STILL 145 new people coming into your community on a monthly basis.

Can you imagine what that would mean for your business? Now, that’s just one example. No matter what kind of business you have there is a way to make YouTube work for you.

Think about your audience, your ideal client. What problems are they having that you can solve with either your product or service? How could you provide information to them through video?

Now, once you have that content up on YouTube and people are finding it through search, how do they become a customer?

Your YouTube Sales System

Well, that’s where your sales system comes into play. Similar to what I did at the beginning of this video, you will want to get people off of YouTube and onto a platform that you own like your email list. The reason this is important is that we don’t own our social media platforms and if we dont have a plan to get people to our email list and website we could be in big trouble if our social media platforms got shut down.

You do this by providing them even more free value, kind of like I did with my YouTube channel checklist.

To receive this freebie your audience member will need to give you their email and from there you can continue to nurture your relationship.

You can also send traffic to your other social media channels to build trust with your audiences there or send traffic to a special offer that you may be having.

There are many different strategies available to help you reach your goals. The reason why this strategy works so well is that it is creating a lead generation system that works for you organically 24/7 – 365. No more spending huge dollars on ads or trying to think of endless Instagram captions that get lost in the algorithm just organic leads through search results.

Things that your audience is probably searching for already. How amazing is that?

So to sum everything up here is..

So, why you should add YouTube to your 2021 strategy:

  • It’s a search engine so your content will continue to work for you 24/7.
  • You can create an organic lead generation system.
  • You build a warmer audience that is ready to buy.
  • You can create multiple pieces of content from one video. Say goodbye to your content troubles.

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