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You want consistent, best-fit leads all while not having to work 16 hour days… 

You know that continuing to spin your wheels with every strategy under the sun — despite what all the “gurus” are telling you to do —  is just not bringing you in leads to your business.

You just need an organic YouTube Lead Engine that works for you, even when you aren’t working. 

Oh, you’re in just the right place, friend! That’s where I come in. 

 Your YouTube Coach & Strategist (a.k.a new biz bestie) at your service!

Hey! I’m Melissa Mitchell

I work with female service providers & coaches who want to stop being strapped to their computer and instead enjoy time freedom & financial stability all while doing something they love every day.

When I first left the corporate world and started my business from scratch, I tried everything to attract and convert new leads:

  • Literally stalking people in FB groups
  • Trying IG follow for follow
  • Attempting stupid hacks from the latest online guru
  • Spending hours a day sitting on social media trying to track people down
  • Thought about paid ads, but decided too expensive – who wants to throw money in a hole trying to convert coldtraffic?!?

I couldn’t get a lead. Zero. Zilch. Nada. SO FRUSTRATING.


 Yes, YouTube! It’s a search engine, not an ever-changing algorithm. I set up the whole YouTube side of my business, created and posted my first 12 videos (still not exactly sure what I was doing), but slowly and surely it started to take off.

 And in one year I was able to sell out my 1:1 services alone! Just from the leads I attracted from my YouTube videos!


 To empower women, just like you, to create time freedom and financial stability all while doing something you love everyday.


 I think so! I’m tipping my wine glass to clink it with yours, because consistent leads, recurring monthly revenue you can count on, and more time back for you can definitely be yours with my strategies and your genius.

 Let’s do this

My Values & Beliefs


We believe in doing things your own way: to pursue your work, your level of income, your boundaries, and the lifeyou really want, despite “the norm,” or what others may expect you to do. Do what makes you happy.


You’re in control, you have the freedom to decide. We want women to feel empowered to structure their businesses in a way that suits them best. (And boy do we have a great strategy for those who want consistent leads, recurring revenue and time back for themselves!).


We believe in investing time, energy and resources in proven systems that simplify marketing, and create a repeatable process that works so that over time you can grow your business with ease.


We believe in taking imperfect action to get your YouTube channel and organic lead machine up and running rather than waiting. Done is better than perfect.


We see YouTube videos as making little investments in your business that compound over time. When you stick with it, every small step forward gives you momentum that results in success.


I see the confident woman you already are. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, YouTube can work for you and your brilliance can shine through. We’re busting the myth that “YouTube is a man’s world” because I knowyou can show up as the confident, woman you are. 

You may be thinking… But YouTube doesn’t seem simple — I can help you simplify it!

YouTube Lead Flow Formula

PHASE 1: YouTube Lead Engine

YouTube Lead Engine™ – Discover how to put your custom engine together that will power your YouTube video marketing strategy

PHASE 2: Video Multiplier Method

Find out how to strategically and efficiently batch your content to create consistent videos with ease.

PHASE 3: Traffic Circle Method

Repurpose your YouTube video content across your social channels for a robust visibility plan to grow your business, while saving you time and extra effort.


Melissa’s YouTube Lead Engine Strategy for organic lead generation is 100% the best I have ever seen. Cut down on content hours dramatically and drive leads right to your offers! The best part is her strategy to repurpose those videos across all platforms creating a “she is everywhere” style of marketing without the hustle

Michelle Terpstra
Sales Specialist


I now have weekly videos for my channel and I don’t have to worry about being inconsistent. My YouTube videos have improved so much since working with Melissa. I love how organized she is and how she answered all my questions so quickly.

Mayara Assis
Mayara Healing Arts

Amy Novick

Knowing that I can put content out on YouTube and be consistent and knowing how to create that video was huge because just creating a video and putting it on YouTube is not enough, I learned how to create a video that actually drives traffic to it. VMA gave me the complete strategy to put all the pieces together to create YouTube videos that brought me more views, more leads and more money. YouTube is free traffic to your stuff, so it’s a no-brainer

Amy Novick
Clutter Care

Rozalyn Warren

Knowing I have a viable system to generate leads versus throwing random videos up and hoping something hits is amazing! My channel is set up and is positioned to welcome followers and I have a more solid plan for the entire business due to the training. Melissa is a great instructor, she is very knowledgeable and the material is delivered in multiple formats and very easy to understand and implement. If you are planning to use YouTube to attract ideal clients to your work you need VMA.

Rozalyn Warren
Sacred Life Mastery

Melissa from Wandermint Creative has been great to work with. With her diverse skill-set, she has been especially helpful with our social media and digital marketing. For creative, fun and successful services, I recommend Wandermint Creative!

Scott Bruck
Shadow Box Studios

I have worked with Melissa to help me with design and social media management. She met me where I was at in my business and didn’t overwhelm me with too much information. She gave me very practical suggestions that I could quickly and easily implement. She really took the time to listen to me and tailor her suggestions to what I needed. Not to mention she is just the sweetest person!

Ardelle Viau
Aromas & Avocados

I attended Melissa’s videography workshop a few months ago and I loved it! It was super informative and personalized, which made it super helpful. Since then, I booked a “Business Intensive” call with Melissa and just like the workshop, she over-delivered! I didn’t expect to get that much value out of a simple phone call. She genuinely cares about her clients and their businesses. If you are looking to expand your business I highly recommend talking to Melissa. She will give you the pieces (or full roadmap) you’ve missing to grow your business!

Noha Tarabain
Roselite Event Planning

Melissa is a digital marketing Allstar. As a fellow marketer, I often ask/bug her for advice and every she impresses me. I’d recommend anyone in need of digital marketing advice for their business to hit her up. She’s helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about empowering business owners. Her personal social media marketing is top-notch and just shows she practices what she preaches. Go follow her on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.

Logan Smith
Factor Group of Companies

Not only is Melissa an absolute pleasure to work with, but she is also extremely knowledgeable in her fields. Just by taking a quick look at her YoutTube Channel and other social media feeds, it’s clear that she stays on top of marketing industry trends and always has the most relevant advice to share with her clientele.

Mackenzie Klotz
HGA Insurance

“I had been looking around for someone to help in marketing my business and tried many people. I haven’t seen anyone who was so dedicated and knew her stuff as much as Melissa. She not only took out time to solve my issues but help me build on it.

She takes a very practical approach to marketing and constantly growing her know knowledge. The best… no questions about that.“

Uthman Khan
Nutrifitness Reform

“I can’t say enough about the excellent service we received from Melissa at Wandermint Creative. We had short timelines and gave very little information, yet the design was perfect. Melissa listened to our thoughts and far surpassed our expectations. I would have no hesitation and would highly recommend Wandermint Creative. We are fortunate to have her on our team.”

Sandra Forsyth
Pagnotta Industries

These are a few of my favourite things…

The quote that helps get through:

“Hard isn’t difficult, it’s just new”

Favourite Movie:

Moulin Rouge

Favourite Travel Destination (So far…):


How many counties I’ve travelled to (and counting):


Drink of Choice:

Negroni, Old-Fashioned or Wine. I like them boozy 😛

My fave music to Work to:

Disney, Duh…

Guilty Pleasure:

Summer House & VanderPump Rules

So now that we have become better acquainted, what's next?

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