So why are branded photos so important for your business? Why won’t that dark selfie on your phone work? Or stock photos…..

Well after years of managing social media profiles I have learned a few things about content and photos. Now I know what many of you are thinking…

I don’t like the camera, I can’t afford it right now, I don’t have the time for a photoshoot…

I get it, and those can all seem like good reasons to hold off but in this article, I am going to explain the benefits of professional photos and why you need to crush those excuses.

Branded photos help build a connection with your audience.

Nowadays it’s all about human connection. Our potential clients want to know us (the person or people behind the brand), they want to know what we like, what we do on the weekends, and why we do what you do!

When people have that “Know, Like & Trust” factor they are much more willing to pull out their credit card.


They improve your Advertising

How many times have we seen the same old generic advertising with the same stock photos on our feeds… they don’t really inspire you to buy, do they?

Having fresh, personalized content with you or your product/service will go a long way in getting that thumb to stop scrolling and land on your ad.


They create brand consistency

If your photos across all your social media platforms and your website have the same look and feel you will elevate your brand and again build that trust factor.

Think about some of the biggest brands in the world and what images they use in their ads, their social media, and their website. They are all professionally done photos with the same branded look. This is the goal you want to achieve as well.


They can be used as part of your content strategy on social media

With the ever-growing list of social platforms out there it’s hard to continually post fresh content. That’s why getting your photos done in batches is the perfect way to save time but still continue with a consistent posting strategy. 

Now that we know why they are so important,  let’s talk about how to get more out of your branding shoot! Have you ever thought of getting a video done at the same time as your photos?

This can save you time and money by having everything done in one place. Plus your hair and makeup will already be done and you can have some of the video filmed as your photographer is staging you for other photos.

Plus this is a great opportunity for some b-roll footage to be shot so that you have more visual interest in your videos. 

The biggest thing when it comes to any shoot day is to make sure that you are prepared. So take some time before your next shoot to plan out all elements.