With Holidays fast approaching you may be asking yourself if your business is ready to run solo while you take some time off. If you take time to automate your social media and email now you will be able to unplug and not have to worry about anything.

Here is a quick checklist to go through to make sure you have everything in order.

1. Schedule your social media

You have probably already prepared all your promotions ahead of time so now its time to create social posts around those and que them up to go out throughout the month.

Plan and shoot all the images you need, draft up the copy and organize your posts and plug them into your scheduling program.

2. Write and Automate your blog posts to post for you

Even though you are on holiday, it doesn’t mean that your audience is. They will still be looking for information and you want to make sure you are still showing up, especially if you’re in the world of e-commerce. Stay relevant by preparing blogs about the holidays or about how you can solve their frustrations this holiday season. You can then set these up to go live and publish across your social platforms when it would be most valuable to your audience.

3. Draft and Schedule your email messages.

Make sure to send out an end of the year email to your existing client list. This will make them feel appreciated and show them that you have the top of mind. You could add value to them by offering them an exclusive discount and an invitation to work together again.

4. Optimize your Sales Funnels

A good sales funnel should be able to work even when your offline so make sure your emails are automated properly and your ads are all prepped. Up to 40% of purchases are made online so don’t waste any opportunities. Consider adding things like FREE shipping to your promotions.

5. Send Reminders to your clients for certain promotions throughout the month

Make sure you are taking multiple opportunities to remind customers of your promotions. They are busy during the holidays and may not remember if you only post it once. Try emailing them reminders and spread the posts across your social platforms. Try to send a promotional email to your client list a week out then every day leading up to the sale to show the urgency.

6. Update your Social Profile to reflect the season

If you are feeling festive you could change your cover photos and profile photos on FB, Instagram, etc to reflect the holidays or show the different holiday promotions you have running. This will show clients that you are on top of your game and paying attention to there needs.

Do you have any other suggestions for getting ready for the holiday season? If so comment below and make sure to message me with any questions!

I hope everyone has a great vacation!