Video is great. You will hear me talk lots about how video is so important for your business in 2020, but just having a standalone video won’t do your business any good. 

You need to have a video marketing strategy in place that incorporates more than just your video. In this blog post,  I am going to show you how to use Social Media, specifically Instagram as part of your strategy to generate more leads, views, and customers.

Before we get started, make sure to check out my marketing tools cheat sheet below. This will make sure you are set up with the tools needed to start making money online using YouTube. 

So once your video is completed and it’s up on YouTube how can you use Instagram to drive even more traffic to that video and why is this so important?

Well, when you are able to use your other social platforms as a stage to spread your message even further you increase your audience and the number of people who will go watch your video on YouTube, increasing your watch time and subscribers which are all good signals to YouTube that you have a channel of authority that they should show it to even more people that are searching for content. 

But how do you repurpose your video? Well, Instagram is a great platform for this and definitely one of my favorites for a couple different reasons.

  1.  It is much more relaxed and lets you really show the behind the scenes of your business. By using Instagram Stories you can tease your video content before it is live telling people to stay tuned to find out “X”.  You can also use Instagram Lives to have a Q&A after your video has been up for a while to address any questions your followers on there might have. 

If you have more than 10K followers you can also add a link directly to your video in your stories. You can also add a quick 15-second clip from your video and add it to your story directing them to check out the full thing on YouTube.

2. The next great thing about Instagram is IGTV. This is also a great way to repurpose your video and reach more people. I recommend adding the full video from YouTube to your IGTV about a week after it went live on YouTube. 

3.  And finally, you can use your feed to post screenshots of your video, Quotes and quick 30 second clips. This will help you create content to post consistently and act as a reminder to your followers to go and check out your videos on YouTube. 

To learn even more about how to repurpose your video on social media, make sure to check out this blog post.

Now, this might seem a bit confusing but to get you started I have created a Free Marketing Resource cheatsheet for you to get set up with the tools you need for success. So make sure to head to the link below to download that. 

My goal is to help all business owners take back time in their business and reach their goals by implementing actionable marketing strategies that work. So please share this blog on your social media to spread the love to others that might benefit from the information.