Instagram DM’s can be a powerful tool if used properly. You can create connections with your followers that turn them from casual onlookers to customers. But lots of business owners struggle to understand how to use them effectively.

In today’s blog, I am going to explain how Instagram is like a cocktail party and how Instagram DMs are like your “business cards” to meet new people and build relationships. Follow along with me as I explain to you the 5 different ways you can slide into those DM’s to increase your sales. 

But, before we get started, make sure to download my free Instagram Resource Bundle below. Once you have connected with your followers through a Direct message, it’s important that you have a strategic bio in place for when they click over to check out your profile. So make sure to head to the link to download that bundle to get learn how to create the perfect bio.

Now it’s important that you understand that Instagram is just like a cocktail party. Think of all the users on Instagram as guests at the party. Everyone is getting to know each other and finding common ground. How would you feel if you went to a cocktail party and someone you have never met came up to and said, “Hey, I sell boats? Buy my boat!” 

Well.. you would probably think they are a weirdo and feel a bit annoyed that they didn’t even get to know you first. 

Instead, think about how you would feel if that same person came up to you, introduced themselves, started asking you about what you like to do for fun, found out that you like sailing, and then said, “Oh wow that’s awesome, I love sailing too. In fact, that’s what I do for work. I sell custom sailboats….”

Now that they have built some rapport and found common ground, the mention of their sailboats doesn’t seem so odd. In fact, now you are curious about what he has to offer. He has now built an opportunity to continue to conversation at a later date and perhaps make a sale.

This exact scenario is what needs to happen on Instagram, we need to show genuine interest, provide value, and build relationships. Now how do we do that through Instagram Direct Messages? Well, here are 5 ways.

Start a Conversation

This means finding ways to be social with potential or current followers. Find 5 people that you think could be your potential customers. Check out their profile, find common ground, ask them questions, etc… the more relationships you build with your followers the more they will want to buy from you. Another great idea is to message people directly from their Instagram stories. There are usually lots of great conversation starters in things that your followers post to their stories on a daily basis. 

Say Thank you

Did you just get a new follower? Take a second to thank them for following you by sending them a direct message and continue the conversation by telling them a little about yourself and asking them questions or again finding common ground by something you found in their profile.

Introduce yourself

When someone new likes or comments on your picture, take some time to say thanks and introduce yourself. Tell them briefly about what you do and ask them if there is any way that you could help. This will most likely surprise them that you took the time to send them a message and could potentially turn them into a follower.

Provide Value

Give something to your followers or potential followers without any expectation of anything in return. Look at their profile on Instagram, or you could even go as far as looking at their whole digital footprint (depending on your industry) to see if there is something you could offer to them to help for FREE. Send them a message explaining why you are giving this away and make it clear that you only want to provide them value. You never know what kind of opportunities this might open for you.


Do you know of a company you would love to work with? Check out their profile and send them a direct message to ask! You can’t get what you don’t ask for, but make sure that you have an idea in mind for the collaboration before you approach them and make sure that it would be beneficial for both parties.

That’s it, 5 ways to connect with your audience through Direct Message. Which tactic is your favorite? I would love to know so comment with it below.  Creating an Instagram DM strategy and continuing to be consistent with it can be a lot of work, but if you schedule 20 minutes every day to reach out to new profiles, comments, followers, etc you will see relationships build. 

One tip to save time is to create some templates for you to use in each of these categories and save them on your phone easy access when you need to send a message.