IGTV Vs. YouTube – Which should you use in Marketing your business? Well, that is quite the loaded question because they are both great platforms. So to make a fair analysis we need to know the differences between both YouTube & IGTV, when to use both in your business and then we can wrap all up by talking about how you can use BOTH platforms in your business and make them work together.

YouTube for your Business

This platform has been around for a lot longer than IGTV and it is the biggest video sharing platform out there. Let’s talk about some of its biggest features and how they compare to IGTV. 

YouTube Content is Easily Shared.

You can embed your videos in blogs and share them on all your social media platforms. Now when it comes to IGTV, they make it a lot harder to share that content because they want you to stay on Instagram.

Searchable Content.

Now, this is a huge one and one of the biggest reasons I always recommend businesses get on YouTube. Since YouTube is owned by Google it means that it is the 2nd largest Search Engine in the world. By creating searchable content on YouTube you have the ability to show in search results which means more eyeballs on your content and brand. IGTV on the other hand is not a searchable platform. Your videos get shown to your audience and are only discoverable through hashtags. 

Longer Form Content.

This is another one to take into consideration. YouTube content is horizontal and longer in length, in fact, you could upload a video that is 12 hours long to YouTube. Now I dont know why you would have a video that long but I am here to provide you with the facts.

 Whereas IGTV’s can only be up to 15 minutes when uploading from a mobile device and 60 minutes when uploading from the web. So if you need longer than 60 minutes, YouTube is going to be the better bet. 

IGTV vs. YouTube – How IGTV features compare to YouTube. 

 Vertical and horizontal Content.

So IGTV is mostly consumed in vertical but you can now post horizontal video content as well. Which is a nice option? Creating vertical content is easy on your phone, but it does make repurposing video content more of a challenge.

 So after hearing about the main differences between the two platforms, which do you think is best for your business? Let me know in the comments below. 

How to use both IGTV and YouTube together!

 Now if you don’t want to have to choose and want to use both platforms in your marketing you are in luck. I am all about re-purposing your content to work smarter, not harder. So let’s go through how you can use both platforms to increase your reach. 

I always recommend starting with YouTube as your main video platform and then repurposing to IGTV from there. In fact, from one YouTube video, you could create multiple IGTV videos.

Do you have a 3 tips video on YouTube that is quite long and detailed? Break down that video into the 3 separate tips and upload them to IGTV.

Or, if your YouTube video is shorter in length, take the whole thing and upload it to IGTV. Now, if you are taking the whole video and repurposing it to IGTV I would recommend waiting for a least a whole week after posting on YouTube before posting on IGTV so that you are still getting the most search traffic to your YouTube channel. 

Do you want to learn more about repurposing your video content? Make sure to click the link above to download my Repurposing Guide.