So you have created all these great videos for your business, they are up on YouTube, but now what? Is that all that the video is good for?

Heck no!

Today, I am going to show you how to break one video down into 35 pieces of content! I know this may sound like some magical dream but let me tell you that it is completely do-able for your business. 

First, let’s talk about all the different platforms that you can use to share your video. 


1: You can create a teaser video that is 15-20 seconds long to tease your content and drive traffic to YouTube.

2-8: Take photos, captions and sounds bites from the video to create posts

9-10: Create specialized posts or sound bites for your Facebook Group. 


11-14: Create 15 second little bites from your video and post them to your Instagram Story.

15: Create a 15-20 second teaser video for Instagram.

16: Change the ratio of your video to vertical and post on IGTV

17-20: Create 4 mini video posts to put on your Instagram feed.

21-27: Create image, quotes or sound bites to post on your feed.



28-34: Create images or quotes from the video to post on Pinterest and drive traffic to your YouTube video.



35: Transcribe your video to create a short linked in the article

36: Create a teaser video directing traffic back to YouTube

37-43: Create a Quote, Image or Mini Video directing traffic.

Your Website

44: Add the video to the homepage of your website

45: Transcribe the video and add it to your blog



46: Transcribe the video and add it to your podcast

Email Newsletter

47: Write out an email with the transcribed content and link for your list to watch the full video.

Landing Pages & Funnels

48: Use pieces of the video for FB Ads, and landing pages.

So now that you know how to break down the video you will want to create a schedule to stick to, so take out your content calendar and pick the days that you would like to post each type of content. 

I hope that this was helpful and that you can now get even more out of those beautiful videos that you create. 

If you would like some help doing this process for your business make sure to click the link below to schedule your free strategy call with me.