I get it, we all want to grow our following on Instagram, but how do we do that organically without spending money on ads and at the same time making sure we are attracting the RIGHT followers?

Well, in this article I am going to go through 5 ways that you can find your ideal client on Instagram who will want to follow you, engage with you, and potentially purchase from you. 

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Write down everything that comes to mind when you think of that perfect person you want to serve. The reason you started your business in the first place.

  1. How old are they?
  2. What do they do for work?
  3. What are their problems?
  4. How will you solve them?

Survey your existing customers

If you already have a larger database of customers you can survey them to get some more insights. Using tools like Google Forms or Survey Monkey you can ask them questions on their demographics (age, location, etc) and also ask them what problems they have, and how they heard of you.  This will give you some insights into what products/services are most popular and where people are coming from. 

If people are coming from Instagram for Example, you know that you should spend more time on your marketing efforts there.

Google Analytics

Not everyone will want to fill out a survey so another place to look would be google analytics. Everyone should make sure that this is set up on their website so you can get all the information. It is a free tool, so take advantage of it. You can find information such as what pages people look at most, how people got to your site, and the basic demographics of your audience. 

Social Media Analytics

This is a powerful tool to find out what type of content your audience wants and engages with. Look to your insights to find out what age range, location, and gender your audience comprises of. Then look to your posts to see which ones have the highest engagement. This will show you what type of content they want to see more of.

To find engagement rate: Take the total amount of likes, comments, shares and divide that by your total follower account and times that by 100.

Let’s say your total likes were 137 and comments came to 10.

137 + 10 = 147. You then need to take this magical number and divide it by your total followers, and times it by 100 (this will give you the percentage).

  1. Do you have some hashtags that seem to work well? Meaning, they bring in more eyeballs? (Impressions) Take note of them. By following those hashtags you can find more ideal clients that would also be using those hashtags.
  2. This is especially useful if you are a local business. By following #local(your area) for example you may find others in the area who also value that and use that hashtag. 

Look to your Competitors

If you look at the people engaging in their profiles and following them this can open a whole new pool of people. If they are following a product or service similar to yours, they may also enjoy your content. Engage with them, direct message them, follow, and provide value. If you put in the work they may convert to a follower and choose you over the original competitor they were following. 

After you’ve done the research, its time to put it all together

  • Create Ideal Client Avatars (Insert Worksheet)
  • Create Content that helps solve their problems
  • Speak in their language
  • Decide which platforms you need to go all-in on
  • Engage!!! And be Consistent. 

Once you have done this research, I always tell my clients to create customer personas for there business. So take all this information and create a “fake” person to frame all your content, and branding around. This will make it a lot easier to create any content because instead of talking to the world, you will create content for one specific person.

Depending on your brand you may have a couple of different personas, for example, if you have a couple of different avenues in your business.

Now that’s it, 5 ways to attract your ideal client organically on Instagram. If you would like to download my Marketing Foundation workbook make sure to visit the link below.