Branding & Strategy

Phase 1: Your Strategy Roadmap
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We want to make sure you have a solid foundation so you can build a successful and profitable business. We start by working on your messaging, your offers, value ladder and more…


Once you have a foundational strategy in place, it’s time to create converting content. This means researching for what your audience is looking for and then creating video content that will solve their pains and problems.


Now it’s time to put your content on autopilot and let it do the heavy lifting. We will repurpose your video content across your social media channels and create a 24/7 sales machine on YouTube.

Branding is about more than just your logo!

Branding needs to be incorporated into every aspect of your business. This all starts with brand messaging that is tailored to your ideal client and goes all the way to the visual representation of your business.

Do you have a Brand Strategy in Place?

Do you know who your Ideal Client is?

By narrowing down who you are speaking to you will be able to develop specialized messaging, offers, and services to increase your sales.

Do you have a cohesive look to your brand?

Do you have consistent branding on your website, landing pages, videos, emails, social media and so on? Your Ideal Client should recognize your brand at all points of interaction.

Do you have an SEO strategy in place?

Search Engine Optimization is an important strategy to have in place for your business. It helps to make sure you are found online when your ideal client is searching for a product or service or looking to solve a problem.

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What’s Included?

1.) Research:  We start with a brand messaging call to get to the root of your business. This is where we establish your marketing foundation, including Your Ideal Client, Your Why, Your Offers, Your Value Ladder, etc..

2.) SEO: After completing your Marketing Foundation we dig deeper to develop content ideas that your ideal client is searching for. This includes Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, and Script Writing.

3.) Branding: Finally we put it all together by creating a cohesive branding strategy that will help you be recognized online. This includes all graphical elements for your videos online.


What else could your Strategy Include….

 Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a great way to provide value to your Ideal Client before they decide to work with you or purchase from you. It starts to build your relationship and builds your email list. 

Facebook Advertising

Almost everyone is on Facebook. By combining your Video Strategy with Facebook ads you will be able to grow your audience even faster. 

Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is the ultimate way to increase your sales and grow your email list. A funnel consists of a certain amount of strategic landing pages that are leading people to a certain action.

Email Marketing

Having a thriving email list is the lifeline to alot of companies.  By including list building strategies in your business plan you are making sure that you have direct access to potential clients. 

Take back your time. Reach your Goals. Get a Strategy in Place!