Branding… What is it really and how did some of the biggest companies in the world create a brand that is so irresistible that they have people lining up to buy their products and services.  

In this blog, I am going to walk you through some of my favourite examples of brands that have made a huge impact and are implementing marketing strategies that we can all copy in our own business. 

Before we get started I would love to know what some of your favourite brands are, so make to comment below.

I absolutely love dissecting brands and seeing what is working for them, especially when it comes to their brand messaging. I am going to talk about 3 Brands that display excellence in their product, branding marketing.


Apple is customer-focused. They make their product and messaging about you as a consumer, not about them as a company. They know the problem that their customers are facing and they created a product that solved that problem. 

The other big thing that they do is they consider all 3 elements of a perfect conflict which are External, Internal &  Philosophical. 

So let me break that down for you guys. 

The Conflict that their consumers were facing was that their Ideal Client was feeling overwhelmed by technology.

The external problem was pretty obvious. They needed a computer or phone.

Their internal problem was that people didn’t know their hidden genius. They didn’t think they could learn technology.

Then finally, their philosophical problem was wanting to be seen and heard by the world, to express themselves.

People felt intimidated by computers and wanted a simpler interface with technology. So, Apple created a campaign of a person who just wanted to express themselves in an easy way through music, etc.…, next to a tech nerd. This positioned them as the company to go to if you wanted to enjoy life and express yourself.

They showed empathy as a brand by expressing there understanding for people who are not techy.

They alleviated the fear of purchase with there guarantees and warranties. So even today, how many of us have had a problem with an Apple product and have been able to go into the apple store to get it fixed?

They have many videos and explanations on how to use their products. They even provide free classes that people can sign up for to learn how to use their device at designated apple stores.

They shape a story for there customers that ends with success. The customer feels that if they buy an Apple computer or phone, they will be more successful and understood. They now have a better and simpler way to express themselves without all the confusion of a pc.


One of my favourite brands!  Not just coffee, they deliver a sense of sophistication. A place to meet where they feel like they belong. By understanding how they want their customers to feel they were able to charge a high amount for coffee because the customers assume greater value in each cup.

They give their customers a feeling of status. They make their customers more appealing or gain their status in a public setting. That is why people are proud to walk around with a Starbucks coffee cup. They think it shows importance, status and wealth to the general public.

They provide an extra exclusive “membership” through there app and cards. This rewards loyalty and gives people different status levels to reach, making a deeper connection to the brand. Ex. The gold card – means you spent a certain amount with Starbucks.

So let’s break it down into our 3 elements of a perfect conflict 

Conflict: Bad tasting coffee

External: They want a great cup of coffee

Internal: Status and importance

Philosophical: A place to collaborate and build relationships

“The Barista Promise”: They provide a satisfaction guarantee by remaking your coffee if you aren’t satisfied. They are all about the customer experience.

Mission Statement: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.” This really plays into the aspirational identity and the philosophical emotions.


Tesla not only sells cars but also sells technology. It positioning statement was “the only stylish car that can go from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds without a drop of oil”.

They know their target market so well and play into the 3 elements of conflict perfectly.

The conflict (villain): Gas-Guzzling cars

External: The need for a car

Internal: I want to be an early adopter of technology

Philosophical: My choice of the car ought to save the environment

They are so intuned with innovation that they focus primarily on that and not too much on outside advertising. Elon musk is there biggest form of advertising, by putting a face to the brand and constantly engaging with there audience they create brand recognition and a community outside of just boring stats and car information. They create a one-on-one bond.

As a brand, Tesla’s following has stemmed from the ability to create something that people want to be part of. With a growing focus on the damage we’ve done to the planet and the need to protect it for future generations, the pressure on individuals to address their footprints has never been greater. So Tesla has managed to create a brand belief that matters to everyone. Their mission is not only to get the world to transition to sustainable energy- but to get us there quicker too.

So now that we have audited these brands and know all the amazing things they are doing, how can we copy the tactics and strategies that these 3 brands have successfully implemented? Well, here are 6 ways…

  1. We need to know who our ideal client is 
  2. We need to know what their problems and conflicts are ( using our 3 elements like the examples above)
  3. We need to know what we are offering and how it will help them solve their problem
  4. We need to have a plan on how our customer will use our products or services
  5. We need to alleviate any fears they may have when it comes to purchasing our product or service.
  6. We need to show them what their life will look like after they have used our product or service.

If you would like to craft your own perfect branding make sure to click the link above to download my free brand messaging guide, and if you have any questions make sure to leave them below and I would be happy to answer them.