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Are you looking for more help with your social media but aren’t sure if hiring a social media manager is the right next move?

Well, in this article I will be breaking down the different types of social media managers, when you should hire one and what exactly they will do for your business.

The first thing you should do when thinking about outsourcing your social media is to think about where you are at in your business. What do you need help with? Do you need someone to take over your entire digital footprint? Meaning your social media, ads, email marketing, etc 

Or do you just need someone to help create content and manage your Instagram profile? By clearly defining what you need help with and what level of help  you will be able to find the right person for you.

Not all social media managers are made equal. Meaning that most concentrate on certain platforms or certain types of content. For example, I offer social media management in my business but I concentrate on video for my clients. So, If you are looking to use video in your business I would be the perfect person for you.

 There are also some platforms that  I  do not manage, like Twitter.  it is not a platform that I am an expert at, so I do not offer it as part of my management selection. So decide on your goals and what you need help with first. If you are just starting out online and you aren’t sure what you need help with or what the next best steps should be for your business check out my business intensive by clicking the link below this video. During this intensive, I do a complete audit of your digital footprint to determine what needs to be updated, what you need to work on and what your next steps should be when it comes to your online marketing. Click the link below to sign up for that today.

 Once you know what you need help with its time to determine your budget. Each type of manager will come at a different price point depending on their expertise and again what you are wanting them to do.

 So what does or can a social media manager do? Well, lots cover the basics:

  1. Create and Optimize Platforms
  2. Create Content
  3. Provide strategy
  4. Create Content Calendar
  5. Post Consistently
  6. Brand Management
  7. Provide Analytics

Some social media managers also provide video creation and management (like myself), Facebook ads, email marketing and so on. 

So how does this help you?

Well, the biggest thing they give you is time. Time back to concentrate on what you do best in your business. They also help you create a proper strategy for you to follow to reach your goals. So that’s the last step for you to think about. What are your social media goals?

Do you want to bring in more leads, have more brand awareness, grow your following? By knowing your goals ahead of time, your social media manager will have a better idea of what strategy to follow and what success looks like to you.

So let’s recap:

A social media manager can take on many different responsibilities and tasks for you depending on the following:

  • What you need help with
  • What your budget it
  • And what your goals are

Once you have the answer to those questions start interviewing potential managers. Most have a free strategy call or way of talking to them before you hire them.